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Marías Organic Care

With Marías Organic Care, guests experience a new generation of future-oriented, sustainable hotel cosmetics. All products are 100% organic and certified. The high quality raw materials are from Demeter cultivation or wildly collected and sourced regionally if possible. They are enriched with pure, natural essentials oils and traded in sustainable bottles made from sugar cane waste after the pressing process. Marías shows the utmost respect for mankind and nature, ensuring an authentic, natural skincare experience made for the upscale hotel industry.

Organic birch leaves

The birch leaf extracts have valuable caring plant extracts, improve blood circulation and ensure a better supply of vital substances.

Organic poppy seed oil

The nutty-mild poppy seed oil has an moisturising effect, prevents skin irritations and makes the skin supple.

high quality. sustainable

Quality commitment

100% certified organic cosmetics (Austria Bio Garantie).
Resource-saving, long-lasting refill system
Effective plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation
High durability of directly printed bottles
Natural essential oils
Recyclable bottles made from sugar cane waste
Vegan & No animal testing
CO2-reducing use of regional raw materials
natural. regional

Cosmetics – Marías Organic Care

Hair & Body Wash
Birch leaves, oat milk, poppy seed oil
Flacons 50ml, Pump Dispenser 300ml, Refill 3l / 10l
Hand Soap
Spring water, citrus, essential oils
Flacons 50ml, Pump Dispenser 300ml, Refill 3l / 10l
Hand & Body Lotion
Edelweiss, linseed oil, poppy seed oil
Flacons 50ml, Pump Dispenser 300ml, Refill 3l / 10l
Oat milk, poppy seed oil, birch leaf extract
Flacons 50ml, Pump Dispenser 300ml, Refill 3l / 10l
Organic pampering set
50ml Hair & Body Wash, 50ml Hand Soap, 50ml Hand & Body Cream, 30g Bath Salt Rose Garden, 30g Bath Salt Green Forest, 10ml Pillow Spray
Organic sun care
Face, body, after sun
Organic hand disinfection
Hand disinfection 50ml / 300ml / 1l, Refill 5l / 10l
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Product recommendations

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Individuality to the smallest detail

We implement your thoughts, ideas and visions into a holistic product concept designed to suit your style, charm and budget. Our solutions are always unique because they are created together with you with bundled competence.

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