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Olivia Thinks

Olivia Thinks is a true beauty elixir full of rich, moisturising benefits with up to 97% ingredients of natural origin. Due to olive leaf extracts, pure olive oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, this vitalizing cosmetic line is a truly caring and hydrating booster for dry and sensitive skin. Olivia Thinks is striving for Ecolabel certification. The dispensers are recyclable and made from 100% recycled material. Thanks to an invisible mini wall holder, the products are in the focus.

Organic olive leaf extracts

Olive leaf extracts are a natural booster for the immune system and ensure radiant skin, because they have a cell-protective and antioxidant effect.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest and most nutrient-rich medicinal plants in the world, with particularly moisturizing, regenerating and cooling properties.

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Quality commitment

Up to 97% natural cosmetics
Sustainable pump dispenser system
Effective plant extracts
Recyclable bottles made from recycled material
Mild formulations
FSC certified cardboard boxes
Vegan & No animal testing
Invisible mini holder
natural. rich

Cosmetics – Olivia Thinks

Shower Gel
Organic olive leaf extracts, panthenol, vitamin E, aloe vera
Flacons 70ml, Pump Dispenser 400ml
Organic olive leaf extracts, herbal keratin, panthenol
Flacons 70ml, Pump Dispenser 400ml
Organic olive leaf extracts, crambe oil
Flacons 70ml, Pump Dispenser 400ml
Body Lotion
Organic olive leaf extracts, antioxidants
Flacons 70ml, Pump Dispenser 400ml
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