luxurious. water repellent

Accessories Com4 Line

The Com4 Line accessories meet the highest demands in terms of look, feel and content. Thanks to the water-repellent, hard-wearing lamination and the hot silver stamped lettering, the white cardboard boxes look particularly classy. The high-quality accessories are hygienically and individually packaged. For a perfect appearance, the personalizable accessories can be presented in a chic vanity box.

high quality. recyclable

Quality commitment

Premium quality
Hygienically packed accessories
Durable, water repellent lamination
Vanity Cube for self filling
Noble hot silver stamping
luxurious. water repellent

Accessories Com4 Line

Vanity cube
made of water-repellent cardboard
Shower cap
Vanity set
Nail file
Dental kit
with colgate toothpaste
Shaving set
Sewing set
Laundry bag
made of recycled plastic, with cord
Shoe shine glove
made of cotton
Inspiring. enriching

Product recommendations

professional. service-oriented

Thinking and acting for your goals

Individuality to the smallest detail

We implement your thoughts, ideas and visions into a holistic product concept designed to suit your style, charm and budget. Our solutions are always unique because they are created together with you with bundled competence.

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